(Mini-)Food Report: Gyoza and Ramen at Osaka Ohsho (Naha, Japan)

Today’s offering will not be a detailed Food Report. Instead, we’ll be snacking on a highly abbreviated share-post with a swirl of pictures, a sprinkling of details, and a dash of very limited commentary. The subject of this review: a lunchtime feast of gyōza and rāmen at a popular chain restaurant in Okinawa’s capital.

Welcome to Ōsaka Ōshō.


Name? Osaka Ohsho, Naha Main Place Branch (大阪王将 那覇メインプレイス店). I’ll refer to it in this post using the more accurately romanised form of the Japanese name, Ōsaka Ōshō.

Speciality? Chūka ryōri (中華料理), Japanese-style Chinese cuisine.

Where? On the ground floor of the Naha Main Place shopping centre. I’ve pinned the restaurant’s precise location on the following map.

Operating hours? 1100-2300 (last order 2200).

English menu? Available.

Related links? Tabelog / Official Site.

Date of visit? Sunday, 06 May 2018.

Time of day and type of meal? Midday, lunch.

Incidentally, Ōsaka Ōshō has a few branches right in my corner of the world. But given how regularly I visit Japan, and how rarely I venture out to those parts of Metro Manila – despite living in the southern reaches of that very same urban area – I’m more likely to patronise this chain’s outlets on its home turf rather than in my own backyard.

All right, so much for the preliminaries.

As promised, I won’t write a detailed post for this lunchtime visit to Ōsaka Ōshō – just a quick-and-breezy (Mini-)Food Report. Let’s set the stage with the usual props…

…before moving on to the menu. I’ve chosen the “Ohsho Set” (王将定食, Ōshō Teishoku, 1,110 yen with tax): a veritable feast-on-a-tray consisting of gyōza, rāmen, and chahan. An extra 100 yen gets you a larger serving of noodles, but I decided to upgrade my chahan instead for 150 yen.

And here we are.

Ohh, behold the glory.

Now then, the question that begs to be asked: would I go back to Ōsaka Ōshō?

In a heartbeat, mate.


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