Home from Korea, a wee bit of admin stuff … and a special announcement

Let’s take things in order, gentle readers.

First: I’ve just returned from a quick 4-day holiday in lovely Seoul, Korea. All too short, as the usual post-trip complaint goes, but this ties in neatly with the third point (which we’ll get to later).

Second: I shall put the current series of posts about my December 2014 holiday in Korea on pause, and along with it, the accounts of my March 2015 and June-July 2015 trips to Japan. We will have a look at those journeys in due course, so no worries – I’d just like to get this latest brief jaunt blogged and out of the way in short order.

Third: All too short it might have been, but this long weekend in Seoul has earned Korea a very special distinction … that of an Annual Destination. In other words, alongside the only other country that previously held and continues to hold that honour – namely, my beloved Japan – and subject to the usual constraints (time, resources, opportunity, etc.), I’ve now resolved to visit this incredibly fascinating and achingly beautiful corner of the world at least once a year.

Cheers all, and please look forward to the first September 2015 Korea holiday post soon.

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