Field Report: Seoul, South Korea (15 October 2013)

15Oct13 National Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea 001

Not much happened on the 15th, our last day in Korea – so let’s do a brief rundown before closing the book on this holiday.

There’s very little to write about where this final day is concerned, but as longtime readers are probably aware, I have an informal policy of not leaving a single day undocumented. No worries – the faster we get this out there, the faster we can talk about some of my more recent adventures.

Our group temporarily parted ways again in the morning. My sister decided to tag along with me, and for our first stop of the day I took us to the Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine.

It was raining by the time we got there so I don’t have any photographs, but you’ll be able to get a sense of the place from the official site.

The shrine was built at the site where thousands of Korean Catholics were martyred during the 19th century. Although we didn’t get a very good look at the grounds (no thanks to the weather), we were able to take refuge from the rain in the shrine’s small but quite well designed museum. In any case, what little I saw was enough to mark these sacred grounds as more than worthy of a return visit on one of my future trips to Korea.

This stop was followed by a visit to the National Museum of Korea. The weather had improved slightly by then, but it wasn’t of much consequence to us as the best stuff was mostly indoors.

15Oct13 National Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea 001

15Oct13 National Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea 002

You’ll find a few more images of the museum in this post, where I described an earlier visit done during the previous winter.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Our family reassembled at our Myeongdong hotel, from which we took a limousine bus to Incheon Airport and walked around doing nothing special whilst waiting for our flight. We did spare time for dinner though, and I took this opportunity to tuck into one of my favourite Korean dishes: mul naengmyeon.

15Oct13 Naengmyeon Incheon Airport Seoul South Korea 003

Waiting for a bowl of noodles to cool down enough for burn-free consumption can sometimes be a great trial of patience. Not so, of course, when the noodles happen to be swimming in ice-cold broth. (^_^)

And that, my friends, was that. The experience was certainly very different from my winter trip earlier that year – and indeed from my more recent winter trip this year (which I’ve yet to blog about) – but that’s only to be expected, considering the different season and the fact that I wasn’t travelling solo. In any case, whether you’re going alone or with friends and family, and whichever season you decide to travel in, Seoul stands ready to give you the heartiest of welcomes.


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