Field Report: Okayama (03 April 2013)

03Apr13 Okayama 022

Where Diego refreshes himself with a leisurely garden stroll and storms a black-walled castle.

After returning from Takahashi, I found the weather in Okayama much improved. The time felt right to visit the city’s famed Kōrakuen, a splendid Edo-period garden laid out more than 300 years ago and numbered among Japan’s so-called Three Famous Gardens.

The garden is an easy +/- half-hour walk along fairly level streets from Okayama Station, but the time and effort required can be reduced by taking a tram or bus closer to the site. I settled on the tram, got off at the Shiroshita stop, and enjoyed a pleasant stroll (read: well nigh lost myself) among some of the city’s backstreets before finding the bridge that led straight to the main entrance.

After paying my way through the entrance, I began my pleasant afternoon walk around the grounds.

03Apr13 Okayama 001

03Apr13 Okayama 002

03Apr13 Okayama 003

03Apr13 Okayama 004

There was a small but beautiful grove of sakura on the grounds, where some locals were enjoying hanami parties.

03Apr13 Okayama 005

03Apr13 Okayama 006

03Apr13 Okayama 007

03Apr13 Okayama 008

03Apr13 Okayama 009

03Apr13 Okayama 010

03Apr13 Okayama 011

Now for the rest of the grounds – and believe me, there was a lot of ground to cover.

03Apr13 Okayama 012

03Apr13 Okayama 013

03Apr13 Okayama 014

03Apr13 Okayama 015

03Apr13 Okayama 016

03Apr13 Okayama 017

03Apr13 Okayama 018

03Apr13 Okayama 019

03Apr13 Okayama 020

03Apr13 Okayama 021

One of the garden’s exits led me to a bridge that terminated near the foot of the city’s other famous attraction: Okayama Castle. Originally constructed in the late 16th century, the castle tower was destroyed by Allied bombing during the Second World War and rebuilt in concrete two decades later. The inside houses a museum and looks rather disappointingly modern, but the outside was apparently done very accurately and looks quite impressive.

03Apr13 Okayama 022

03Apr13 Okayama 023

03Apr13 Okayama 024

03Apr13 Okayama 025

03Apr13 Okayama 026

03Apr13 Okayama 027

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