Field Snapshots: Suncheon Bay National Garden (25 January 2020)

I didn’t stay long at the Suncheon Bay National Garden (순천만국가정원, Suncheonman Gukga Jeongwon), mainly because of the threat of rain and poor conditions for outdoor photography. That said, I rather enjoyed my visit to this sprawling slice of greenery, and I’m happy to offer a small gallery of pictures – in place of a full report – selected from the images I snapped whilst there.

The official website of the Korea Tourism Organisation will help fill you in on the details as to opening hours, admission fees, transportation and so forth.

Now then, a reminder of our whereabouts, and an indication of where the garden is…

…before we dive into the gallery.

And yes, it’s quite apparent that I’ve barely scratched the surface here. As always, I shall use that as an excuse to come back one day. 🙂

And there we have it.

More pictures – better pictures, I hope – after I’ve had the chance to visit this place again, in improved conditions. Someday. 😉

Until then, cheerio.

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